Career Development and Leadership Coaching
for Doctors

I help doctors manage career transitions, challenges, and opportunities so they excel, create meaningful careers, and develop their emotional intelligence, relational mastery, and systemic leadership.

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Hi, I’m Mat. Coach and Surgeon.

I‘m an ENT surgeon, educator, and coach who specialises in career development and leadership for doctors. I have 30 years’ experience in healthcare, and have / had leadership roles at University, regional, national, and international level.

I undertake research, collaborate with the private sector, and organise events. I’m passionate about making a difference to the lives of others and the wider society.

Leadership and Career Development Coaching for Doctors

Do you want to improve your impact at work, and influence the systems as well as the patient in front of you?  Perhaps you are unsure of your next career step, you need to decide what to do, or you need to develop yourself in a leadership role? Maybe you yearn for more meaning in your work, and are conscious of what your legacy might be? Or perhaps you want to better understand and manage your own and others' emotions, and improve the quality of your workplace relationships?

I help doctors manage career transitions, challenges, and opportunities so they excel, create meaningful careers, and develop their emotional intelligence, relational mastery, and systemic leadership.


My coaching can help you:

+Understand who you are, what your values and strengths are, what is going on at present, what gives your life meaning and purpose, what kind of a leader you want to me, and how others perceive you

+Develop yourself so that you develop new skills and attitudes suited to your future plans, focusing particularly on mindset, identity, and relational mastery

+Choose what you want to do, who you want to be, what kind of a future you want to have

+Take action to make it all happen


My coaching specialises in medical careers and leadership, helping doctors succeed in healthcare

+Choosing your next career steps or changes, whether as a senior or new doctor

+Transitioning into new roles, seniorities, teams, or leadership positions, managing imposter syndrome and confidence, succeeding at exams and interviews.

+Succeeding and thriving in a meaningful career

+Developing relational mastery as a leader, managing complexity, developing emotional intelligence.


The story of a senior trainee transitioning into consultant role

"I accessed coaching with Mat at a really pivotal point in my career and I will never forget him helping me to navigate what was, from a professional progression point of view, the worst time I’ve had as a surgical trainee.

I had some difficult politics to overcome in a senior fellow position and effectively had to find another job when I was led to believe my contract would be extended. Mat taught me to step back in a calm way and appraise the situation, my own part in it and my next move. All of these things were done in a considered manner and I always felt that, even with an appropriately critical eye, Mat was rooting for me. 

The most valuable thing about Mat’s input were the practical strategies that I wouldn’t have even thought about.  He also gave me some important insights into my own behaviour and the way I interpret situations. The lessons I’ve learned have been really valuable and from a personal growth point of view have made it far easier to manage difficult colleagues and situations. I feel like Mat has given me a foundation for the rest of my career. 

During and after the coaching with Mat I have found a new role and have been approached by two units about a consultant position. I have also published a book chapter and got my CV ready for the next step in my career progression. This productivity would not have happened if he hadn’t broken me out of the inertia I was in. 

My advice to anyone is if you’re thinking of accessing coaching, you need to do it. It’s been a game changer for me. I don’t believe that trusted friends and colleagues can be all things to all people and having someone to step back and look at the whole landscape is enormously helpful. Mat has a very easy manner but in depth knowledge of NHS politics and a wealth of practical experience. I would recommend his coaching to any of my colleagues. "

The story of a surgical trainee navigating career transitions

"I approached Mat during a difficult period in my specialty training. I was going through some self-doubt and uncertainty about my future. I wanted help to navigate this so that I could progress to the next phase of my training with some clarity and self-confidence. Working with Mat helped me to do this. The following are ways in which the coaching helped me both personally and professionally:

Clarity in my career goals: I have gained a deeper recognition of my values and how to align them with my career goals. I realised that I frequently downplayed my own abilities compared to others. My approach to feedback and praise from seniors has improved significantly. This has enhanced my ability to gain fulfilment at work.

Increased self-awareness: I have developed a deeper insight into my natural strengths and weaknesses when working independently and within teams. I am now generally better at leveraging my strengths at work and better recognising my weaknesses so that I can look to improve them. Gaining a deeper understanding of my workplace and personal values has helped me to anticipate potential stressors in different work environments and to reflect on challenging events with a better insight.

Navigation of career transitions: Being a registrar has involved multiple job and location changes, with multiple pressures to take on additional roles and responsibilities. This has brought a sense of pressure. Coaching has helped me to identify the key factors to consider when selecting my preferences for future training jobs and when considering specific additional projects and out-of-programme activities.

Work and life balance: through Mat’s coaching I have a clearer and more mature appreciation on how to balance the demands of my personal and professional life. I have gained a better understanding of the interplay between the two.

Support and motivation: Mat has helped me to overcome specific obstacles and limiting beliefs that occasionally restricted me as I work towards career goals. I now have a better ability to navigate through periods of challenge."

The story of a surgical trainee making career decisions

"I started working with Mat about a year ago, before my return to clinical work after completing a PhD. Working with him has had a significant impact on my personal and professional growth. 

He has helped me to identify my career goals and values and how to prioritise these in future career decisions.  His coaching has also helped me achieve a better work-life balance.  He provides a structure in which you can work through the difficulties of managing a demanding clinical job, with academic interests and a fulfilling life outside of work. Additionally, his coaching has helped me through several difficult transition points including managing challenging team dynamics. 

Over the last year, Mat has been fully invested in my career and my personal and professional growth.  He often checks in between sessions, has provided me with useful contacts and networking opportunities and has given me useful resources for working through important career decisions. 

Mat's coaching has been invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with him over the course of my career and would encourage others to do likewise."

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