Career Assessment Instruments

People that approach me for help with career decision making often wonder about questionnaires and assessment instruments to help them choose. I have posted links to some assessment instruments here. For some people, working through these on their own will be helpful to get clarity, whether making your career choice or if you are thinking about changing careers. For most people, career decision-making is complex and it cannot be reduced to a simple questionnaire, so if you would like to see how coaching can help you manage your career please get in touch. Remember also that each one of is an individual capable of change rather than being a fixed personality type, we have multiple choices available to us, and life cannot be distilled into a questionnaire that tells you what to do. These questionnaires also assume that what an individual likes (and a specific job) will be fixed, and they don’t take into account adult development or social influences on decision making. On the other hand, knowing what is important to you at work matters, both when making career choices, and when deciding where in your current career the main focus should be. So these assessment instruments can be used as one amongst many different things that you take into account when making career decisions.

Work Importance Locator: Self-assessment sorting tool to identify work values. You can also reflect on where along the continuum from achievement to comfort, from altruism to status, and from safety to autonomy your interests lie.

Interest profiler: Self-assessment questionnaire to determine career interests

Via character strengths: Questionnaire to determine your strengths (not job specific)

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