Surgical Trainee Navigating Career Transitions.

Case Study

The story of a surgical trainee navigating career transitions.

"I approached Mat during a difficult period in my specialty training. I was going through some self-doubt and uncertainty about my future. I wanted help to navigate this so that I could progress to the next phase of my training with some clarity and self-confidence. Working with Mat helped me to do this. The following are ways in which the coaching helped me both personally and professionally:

Clarity in my career goals: I have gained a deeper recognition of my values and how to align them with my career goals. I realised that I frequently downplayed my own abilities compared to others. My approach to feedback and praise from seniors has improved significantly. This has enhanced my ability to gain fulfilment at work.

Increased self-awareness: I have developed a deeper insight into my natural strengths and weaknesses when working independently and within teams. I am now generally better at leveraging my strengths at work and better recognising my weaknesses so that I can look to improve them. Gaining a deeper understanding of my workplace and personal values has helped me to anticipate potential stressors in different work environments and to reflect on challenging events with a better insight.

Navigation of career transitions: Being a registrar has involved multiple job and location changes, with multiple pressures to take on additional roles and responsibilities. This has brought a sense of pressure. Coaching has helped me to identify the key factors to consider when selecting my preferences for future training jobs and when considering specific additional projects and out-of-programme activities.

Work and life balance: through Mat’s coaching I have a clearer and more mature appreciation on how to balance the demands of my personal and professional life. I have gained a better understanding of the interplay between the two.

Support and motivation: Mat has helped me to overcome specific obstacles and limiting beliefs that occasionally restricted me as I work towards career goals. I now have a better ability to navigate through periods of challenge."