Career Development Coaching.

Personalised career development coaching for healthcare professionals to create a successful and meaningful career that you love.

Tailored healthcare career coaching for professionals on the path to success

Career decisions are some of the most important decisions that we make. Yet deciding can be difficult, and many of us experience workplace challenges that make us question what we do and why. My healthcare career coaching services can help you gain clarity on what you want, and how to get there.

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Career planning for healthcare professionals

I provide one-to-one career development coaching tailored for doctors. My individualised approach ensures that I address the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations relevant to you. Through exercises and discussions I help you gain clarity on what you want and how to get there. My areas of expertise include identification of values, identification of strengths, identification of transferable skills, decision making, life balance, healthcare career transition coaching, career exploration for healthcare workers, coaching for healthcare career change, and coaching for transitioning from clinical to non-clinical healthcare roles. I help doctors succeed and thrive in a healthcare-based career.

Addressing the challenges in career development

  • Deciding on which area of medicine to practice in.

  • Wanting to change career or leave medicine.

  • Difficulty making a decision.

  • Transition into a new role.

  • Poor life balance.

  • Imposter syndrome.

  • Career planning for healthcare professionals.

With career development coaching, we’ll talk through some or all of these challenges, and any others that you may face. The aim is to help you create a successful and meaningful career in a profession that you love, taking account of how your your career fits into your life overall.

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Career growth coaching in healthcare

Career development coaching aims to help you gain clarity on factors influencing your career decisions, such as strengths, values, interests, motives, and organisational culture. It can help you with career decision making, and producing an action plan for exploring new career avenues. This leads to building a successful healthcare career through coaching, even if sometimes people find that they already have their ideal career!

Why choose my career development coaching programme?

I offer individualised coaching tailored to you. Typically this involves initial exercises and discussions to help you identify what you desire in the future, your values, strengths, motives, and boundaries. This is followed by identification of career avenues that meet your desired criterial, and finally an action plan to explore possible careers in detail. I also share insights, stories and experiences that may be of value.

My expertise (and interest) lies in careers within healthcare, not outside of healthcare. So if you have decided to leave healthcare completely there may be other coaches better placed to help you. It is common for people to come to coaching wondering whether they should leave medicine, but with coaching managing to figure out a pathway to stay and thrive within a healthcare-related career of some sort.

Who might benefit from career development coaching?

Career development coaching is for doctors deciding on a future career path, or those considering career change within healthcare. It is ideal for those looking for career advancement coaching for medical practitioners, or career growth coaching in healthcare settings. 

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Success stories

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I look at my career differently now and I've stopped obsessing on finding the "perfect" specialty. I feel I am more confident in forging my own path and picking things that really make me happy.

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I have a plan in place, one that Mat helped me to formulate. One that I know will change my working life if practiced and adapted on a regular basis.

Coachee discussing career plans. 

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It was really amazing how you helped me define my values and put them on paper in the form of simple illustration and graphs.

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Invest in your success

I understand that investing in your professional development is a decision that requires careful consideration. I believe that investing in yourself is an investment in your professional success and overall wellbeing. The overall cost of coaching depends on specific requirements, but typically it will be up to £1100 for six meetings lasting an hour each. Price depends on the seniority of the coachee. 

Ensure lasting results

Unlock your full potential as a doctor by scheduling your complementary one hour coaching meeting today, and take the first step towards transforming your career.