Coaching for Doctors.

Expert coaching for doctors that helps you create a successful and meaningful career.

Thrive as a doctor in a career that you love.

Most of us enter medicine wanting to make a difference. Yet we find ourselves working in a system that is under-resourced and chaotic. Clinicians suffering from burnout are everywhere. Many young doctors move abroad or leave medicine, and this trend is now extending to senior doctors too. My coaching for doctors provides a space to process everyday challenge, helping you identify what kind of a doctor and person you want to be, and develop skills that help you not just survive but thrive.

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Unlock your full potential through doctor coaching

I provide one-to-one doctor coaching, supporting you to create your successful and meaningful career by helping you:

1. Understand who you are, what your strengths are, what is going on at present, and what gives your life meaning and purpose.

2. Develop yourself so that you develop new skills and attitudes suited to your future plans.

3. Choose what you want to do, who you want to be, what kind of a future you want to have.

4. Take action to make it all happen.

My personalised doctor coaching approach includes areas of expertise such as identification of values, decision making, emotional intelligence, resilience, and thriving skills.

Do these doctor challenges sound familiar?

  • Burnout.

  • Poor life balance.

  • Moral injury.

  • Career dissatisfaction.

  • Values or culture misalignment.

  • Challenging interpersonal interactions.

Doctors face a multitude of challenges throughout their professional lives. My coaching methodology equips you with the necessary skills, strategies, and mindset to conquer these challenges and achieve lasting success.

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Achieving work-life balance and preventing burnout

Through coaching we’ll identify the values that guide how and who you want to be. We’ll discuss your boundaries to safeguarding against burnout, and how to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. Talking things through, ensuring your enduring commitment to remain in medicine for the long term, build and maintain meaningful relationships that enrich your professional journey, and amplify your impact both at home and at work.

Why choose my coaching for doctors?

My personal coaching for doctors is tailored specifically for you. It’s one-on-one coaching with a mixture of exercises and discussions. It offers plenty of space to think, and reflect on how to build resilience. We will discuss you as well as the system around you. I offer executive coaching for doctors, and I also share insights, stories and experiences that may be of value.

Who might benefit from coaching for doctors?

My doctor coaching service is designed specifically for doctors who are dissatisfied with their career, doctors experiencing values or culture misalignment, doctors affected by burnout or those seeking to prevent burnout, doctors with a poor work-life balance, as well as anyone seeking doctor-specific coaching.

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Success Stories

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I would like to say I’ve not used the word career in a positive sense for almost 10 years. It had felt a career had deteriorated into a ‘job’. Thank you.

GP discussing relationship with work.

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Attending your sessions is one of the top decisions that I made for myself for self improvement. I also can't thank you enough for your generosity to take me in. You have helped me a lot.

Emergency medicine doctor.

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I felt you identified that I am always trying to improve what I am not good at, and actually there are aspects that I should view as being strengths.

GP discussing career plans

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Invest in your success

I understand that investing in your professional development as a doctor is a decision that requires careful consideration. I believe that investing in yourself is an investment in your professional success and overall wellbeing. The overall cost of coaching depends on specific requirements, but typically it will be up to £1100 for six meetings lasting an hour each. Price depends on the seniority of the coachee.

Ensure lasting results

Unlock your full potential as a doctor by scheduling your complementary one hour coaching meeting today, and take the first step towards transforming your career.