Team Coaching.

Coaching for effective healthcare teams that thrive and achieve outstanding results.

Effective team coaching for healthcare professionals

Team collaboration in the medical field is essential for successful outcomes, whether the team is directly patient-facing, in leadership or office roles, or an innovative med-tech or start up firm. Yet, often little attention is paid to healthcare team development and functioning, and there is an assumption that high performing teams will "just happen". Just putting a few high performing individuals together does not guarantee the kind of outcomes that organisations, patients, clients, or other stakeholders need. My coaching helps teams to develop a psychologically safe environment and embed a culture of learning, helping them build internal and external relationships and processes that support the team's mission, so they achieve outstanding results as a high-performing team. I offer effective team coaching for healthcare professionals (meant in the broadest sense including leadership, office, and innovation teams), team coaching for medical professionals, and coaching for interdisciplinary teamwork in healthcare, as well as developing effective healthcare team leaders through coaching. 

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Coaching for teams working in the healthcare sector

Every team is different. My coaching for high-performance teams in the medical field is tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of the team, whether this is front line clinical work, leadership, office work, or research / innovation. Through exercises, discussions, feedback, and stakeholder engagement, I help teams with some or all of the following: relationships including psychological safety, mission clarification, leadership styles, internal processes such as decision making, external processes and relationship, embedding learning. My skills include healthcare team building programs, building a cohesive healthcare team with coaching, improving teamwork in healthcare, coaching for healthcare team dynamics, and promoting a positive team culture in medical settings. 

Navigating challenges in healthcare team collaboration

  • Lack of trust between team members.

  • Lack of accountability.

  • Inability to have constructive disagreements.

  • Unclear mission.

  • Poor team feedback and outcomes.

  • Navigating challenges in healthcare team collaboration.

Healthcare teams face challenging work in challenging circumstances. I specialise in improving teamwork in hospital settings through coaching, and work with teams in med-tech sectors, research and innovation, leadership, as well as front line patient / client facing teams. The result is a thriving team that achieves outstanding results.

I help teams

+ Develop psychological safety and high quality relationships between team members, essential in any high performing team.

+ Design internal processes that suit how the team works.

+ Influence external processes to suit how the team works.

+ Develop external relationships that enable the team to do its best.

+ Create the type of leadership that enables the whole team to perform at its best. This includes distributed leadership, as well as development of the person that has positional leadership.

+ Embed a culture of learning and development to sustain high performance beyond the coaching assignment.

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Team coaching in the healthcare sector

I help by enhancing communication skills for medical teams with my healthcare team communication coaching, promoting a positive team culture in medical settings, and developing teams working in the broad healtcare sector. The result is team members that trust each other, can disagree constructively, and hold each other accountable. I offer healthcare team leadership coaching, and healthcare team leadership development programs for clear leadership and decision making. The aim is achievement of team objectives with team performance enhancement in healthcare, leading to positive opinion from stakeholders, a clear and consistent mission, and reduced team member turnover.

Why choose my team coaching program?

I offer team coaching designed specifically for your team. First, every team member needs to be willing to go on a journey together, as team coaching success depends on the entire team being willing and able to develop. Discovery phase is about establishing how the team works at present, identification of coaching goals and issues to be covered, and agreement on how outcomes will be measured. Then a series of team coaching meetings dealing with the specific issues that the team has identified (often this includes team relationships and psychological safety, management of conflict, leadership, decision making and other team internal processes, mission clarification, and stakeholder relationships). Team coaching may be supplemented with one-to-one coaching of team members.

Who might benefit from coaching for effective healthcare teams?

This is for any team looking to be the best they can be, teams in healthcare in its broadest context including surgical teams, multi-disciplinary teams, medical teams, private practice teams, medtech companies, and start-ups.

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Success stories

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Making us think beyond the headline of the problem and get down to the root cause and how we can improve things. As a consequence, we are taking a step further back to solve the problem than we would otherwise have taken.

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The session was very productive and eye opener. The session was very interactive, gave us time to think and express our point of view.

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Everyone felt comfortable to open up, and I learnt a lot of things about the history of the company and the way people have felt over the years that explains their reactions / behaviour a lot.

NHS management team member

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Invest in your success

I understand that investing in team coaching is a decision that requires careful consideration. What are the financial benefits of a thriving high-performing team? The overall cost of coaching depends on specific requirements, and will be discussed once we agree what is required. I accept share options when working with start-ups.

Ensure lasting results

Unlock your team's full potential by scheduling a one hour meeting to discuss how I might help, and take the first step towards a thriving high-performing team.