Leadership Coaching.

Elevate your leadership potential and unlock peak performance with leadership coaching for medical practitioners.

Executive coaching for healthcare professionals

As doctors we occupy leadership roles, both formal and informal. All of us therefore need high quality leadership skills. Going on healthcare leadership training programs can help you learn about the principles of leadership, but it is only through real life experiences that we learn who we are as leaders, how we want to lead, the impact we have on others, and the results we get. Leadership coaching is about developing yourself into the best leader you can be - it's a life long endeavour!

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Leadership skills training in healthcare

I provide one-to-one leadership coaching for clinical leaders, executive coaching for healthcare professionals, and healthcare leadership development. My individualised approach ensures that I address the specific needs, challenges, and aspirations relevant to you. Through exercises and discussions I help you gain clarity on the kind of leader you want to be. For established leaders, I partner with you to support you in applying your signature leadership style, and provide a sounding board for decisions and challenges you face in your senior role. My areas of expertise include identification of values, strengths, and transferable skills, decision making, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, systems thinking, managing complexity and uncertainty, leadership skills training in healthcare, and healthcare team leadership development.

Addressing leadership challenges

  • Managing complexity and uncertainty.

  • Systems thinking.

  • Decision making.

  • Balancing the needs of people with the needs of processes.

  • Newly-promoted leaders.

  • Improving communication skills in healthcare leadership.

  • Dealing with challenging teams or individuals.

My leadership coaching can help you manage these and other challenges. It can help you thrive as a compassionate, efficient, and influential leader, making a lasting impact on your team and the medical realm.

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Elevate communication excellence among healthcare leaders

My coaching can help with mastering of interpersonal interactions, developing emotional intelligence for healthcare leaders, systems thinking, and successful transition into newly-promoted role. Coaching can aid development and use of your signature leadership style, and high quality leadership of high performing teams. This all leads to career success, career promotion, and thriving rather than just surviving.

Why choose my leadership coaching?

My transformational leadership coaching in healthcare is tailored to you. Typically it will include a mixture of exercises and discussions. For healthcare leadership development, this may be supplemented with discussion of leadership models, techniques, and concepts. We will be working with your values and strengths, and taking a systems thinking approach. I offer inclusive leadership coaching in the healthcare sector, giving you space to think and reflect. I balance support with challenge to foster new insights; challenge is especially important in coaching because many senior leaders may not face significant disagreement or challenge from their direct reports. I also share insights, stories and experiences that may be of value.

Who might benefit from leadership coaching?

Senior clinical leaders and newly promoted leaders will benefit from coaching as a routine way to support their professional development. My leadership and executive coaching is for those leading in a complex world, wishing to develop systemic ways of thinking, those specifically seeking coaching for physisican leadership in healthcare, and healthcare leaders facing specific professional, career, or workplace challenges.

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Success stories

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Mat has helped me to reflect on achievements in order to help achieve future goals. Coaching has enabled me to think of leadership skills with a broader mind and to allow me to take the time to lead and not just do.

Clinical leader.

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I feel the discussion on leadership will allow me to have a platform to grow into the next phase of my career.

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It has helped me to consider criticism and be able to move on from it rather than focus on.

Clinical leader

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Invest in your success

I understand that investing in your professional development as a leader is a decision that requires careful consideration. I believe that investing in yourself is an investment in your professional success and overall wellbeing. The overall cost of coaching depends on specific requirements, but typically it will be up to £1100 for six meetings lasting an hour each. Price depends on the seniority of the coachee. EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence self assessment and debrief is £300, and the EQi 2.0 360-feedback and debrief is £525.  

Ensure lasting results

Unlock your full potential as a leader by scheduling your complementary one hour coaching meeting today, and take the first step towards transforming your career.