Coaching for Doctors in Difficulty.

Having your practice questioned is tough. I can help you through the challenges ahead with my doctor coaching services for difficult situations.

Professional development for doctors in difficulty

All of us enter medicine wanting to make a difference. But sometimes people lose the way, take short cuts, or fall out with the team around them. What is that costing you? In a worst case scenario, it can lead to disciplinary hearings or loss of licence to practice. Getting back on track is challenging. My coaching can contribute towards achieving acceptable practice and getting back on track.

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Coaching for doctors in crisis

I provide one-to-one coaching tailored towards your specific needs and challenges. This may include development of insight, decisions about changes in practice, improved interpersonal skills, improved leadership, and better emotional intelligence. For doctor career rehabilitation coaching to be a success, you need to be ready to explore your practice in some detail, including being open to discuss the deficiencies that have led to your current predicament, with the aim of becoming a better doctor in the future. My areas of expertise include emotional intelligence, communication skills, interpersonal skills, as well as coaching that offers a high degree of challenge. In addition to remediation-focused coaching, I also offer supportive coaching (see coaching for doctors) and career coaching (see career coaching).

Overcoming stress and anxiety during medical disciplinary proceedings

  • Alleged and / or actual poor professionalism.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Suspension.

  • Regulatory proceedings.

  • Decisions about changes to practice.

I offer support for doctors facing disciplinary action, supportive coaching for suspended medical professionals, coaching for doctors facing performance issues, and specialised coaching for doctors facing GMC proceedings. And after any investigations I can help with coaching for personal and professional growth after disciplinary action, or rebuilding confidence and trust after suspension through coaching. I hope that the tough experiences make you a better doctor in the long term.

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Rebuilding confidence and trust after suspension through coaching

I offer professional development for doctors in difficulty, and help you gain clarity about next career steps if change in practice is being considered. Coaching foster better communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. It leads to better understanding and managing of your emotions and better understanding of your impact on others. I can support you with remediation of poor professionalism, helping you develop insight into entrenched thinking patterns and behaviours. I will provide a certificate of attendance if required by regulatory bodies.

Why choose my coaching for doctors in difficulty program?

My coaching is tailored to you and your needs. Typically this involves discussions to help you understand your behaviours and your practice, the impact you have on others, and how your own practice aligns with recommended best practice. Colleague and patient feedback may inform these discussions. If there are issues with probity, insight or performance, the coaching is likely to involve a significant amount of challenge, and aims to help you become a better doctor.

Who might benefit from coaching for doctors in difficulty?

This can be beneficial for doctors in difficulty due to poor practice, communication, or professionalism, those facing disciplinary action, or facing loss of licence to practice. Please note that you need to be ready to undertake deep exploration of your practice, which is likely to include upsetting discussions.

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Success stories

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Trying to hang on to this feeling and remind myself how nice it is to get things done. Can’t thank you enough!

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Invest in your success

Remediation is likely to be a long and in-depth process, perhaps lasting a year or more. Price depends on seniority of coachee and the matter being addresses - we will discuss this in the chemistry meeting. EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence self assessment and debrief is £300, and the EQi 2.0 360-feedback and debrief is £525.

Ensure lasting results

Unlock your full potential as a doctor by scheduling your complementary one hour coaching meeting today, and take the first step towards transforming your career.